Climate change and its implications for coastal areas

Human-induced climate change has emerged from a theory to an observable phenomenon that is shaping our world. This seminar will consider current understanding of the likely magnitude of climate change on coastal areas globally and especially in the UK. It will further consider their implications in terms of adaptation and coastal regeneration.

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Prof Robert Nicholls

University of East Anglia

Director of the Tyndall Centre & Professor of Climate Adaptation, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Robert Nicholls is the Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and Professor of Climate Adaptation. His research focusses on coastal problems and their solution, with a strong focus on sea-level rise and coastal erosion and flooding, and how communities can adapt to these changes. He has studied the implications of sea-level rise in the UK and in many of the most sensitive regions of the world such as deltaic areas (e.g., Bangladesh) and small islands (the Maldives). A distinctive dimension of his research is taking an integrated assessment approach — assessing the coastal zone as an interacting system. This allows all the different drivers and factors of change to be considered, allow policy-relevant conclusions and support for sustainable development.

About the Tyndall Centre

The Tyndall Centre was founded in 2000 to conduct cutting edge, interdisciplinary research, and provide a conduit between scientists and policymakers. With nearly 200 members ranging from PhD researchers to Professors, the Tyndall Centre represents a substantial body of the UK’s climate change expertise from across the scientific, engineering, social science and economic communities.


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