Prof Robert Nicholls, Tyndall Centre, University of East Anglia

OpenCLIM: Open Climate Impacts Modelling Framework’ 

The OpenCLIM project is designed to support UK assessment of climate risks and adaptation, including future Climate Change Risk Assessments and National Adaptation Programmes, by developing and applying an integrated assessment model.

The OpenCLIM project will develop and apply a first UK integrated assessment for climate impacts and adaptation. The innovative and flexible model developed by the project will consider UK-wide climate impacts and adaptation in biodiversity, agriculture, infrastructure and urban areas, considering the impacts of flooding, heat stress and changing temperature and precipitation.

The project will also consider two detailed case studies: an urban analysis of Glasgow and the Clyde, and a more rural analysis of the Norfolk Broads. The case studies will demonstrate application of the model to inform the national analysis.

28 February 2024 – 12pm – 1pm

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