The Rising Tide: monitoring sea levels change to guide adaptive flood management in one of the world’s most important coastal cities – London, UK

Recording of webinar on 5th March 2024 with Prof Ivan Haigh

Flooding will become even more challenging to manage in the future. Sea level rise and changes in storms and rainfall due to climate change will increase the frequency and intensity of flooding.  At the same time more people, property and infrastructure are located in flood prone areas than ever before, and there has been a steady decline in the extent of habitats that act as a nature buffer to flooding at exactly the point that our flood defences are getting older. 

Research is needed to better understand the drivers of flooding and potential management responses – across all these areas.

In this webinar Prof Haigh will discuss the flooding issues faced by coastal cities using London as a case study, considering the use and maintenance of flood defences, rising sea level monitoring and management responses required to mitigate or adapt to change.

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